An earthwork in the parish described in the late 18th century has not been identified in recent times; nor has the site ever been located of the gravel pit where a late Bronze Age merchant's hoard was discovered in 1801.


Nichols History & Antiquities of Leicestershire (Vol. IV; p. 219) describes: "the several celts* found Dec. 23 1801 by Matthew Grocock and James Allam of Husbands Bosworth about 6 feet below the surface in a piece of land belonging to Francis Fortescue Turville Esq. called Gravel-pit Close."

*celt - stone or metal prehistoric implement with a chisel edge (Oxford Eng. Dict.)

N.B. The above mentioned objects are depicted in History & Antiquities of Leicestershire by J. Nichols (Vol.III, pt.2, plate following p.1126 Additions to Gartree Hundred)

4 looped & socketed celts
2 socketed celts
3 socketed gouges
2 spearheads
1 flat ferrule (from spear??)

About 1795 a brooch was found which later discussion attributed to an Anglo-Saxon burial. (qv. J Y Akerman, Remains of Pagan Saxondom, plate xxxii, fig. 2, pp. 65-66)