And why are we going to the trouble of producing one for Husbands Bosworth?

The village of Husbands Bosworth is a designated Rural Centre within Harborough District Council’s current Planning Strategy. As such, our community will be the focus for a higher proportion of development than other similar-sized villages in the area, and with very little ‘infill’ capacity, building will have to take place outside the established village ‘envelope’.  

Husbands Bosworth has a strong sense of community, and residents are particularly keen to ensure that the village is not spoilt or disadvantaged by unsuitable and unsightly development. Residents decided that producing a Neighbourhood Plan - a master-plan for the future of our community - would help to guide any development that does take place, helping to ensure that any such development reflects the wishes, needs and priorities of the community. 

Public consultation and engagement is seen as a key element to the process, and to this end the Parish Council recently hosted a public open event. Residents and further stakeholders were invited to become involved in the decision-making process and help to develop a clear vision for the future of our community. Lively discussion resulted in a core of villagers committing to the formation of a steering group to progress our Neighbourhood Plan project. 

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Husbands Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan seeks to guide the sustainable and controlled development of our community.


Husbands Bosworth is a designated Rural Centre and, as such will be a focus for future development. Our commitment, within the Neighbourhood Plan, is to guide this development and ensure that Husbands Bosworth retains its individuality, rural identity and community pride.   


We will seek to protect the character, heritage, environmental and visual amenity and encourage a natural mix of housing development, employment opportunities, social and leisure facilities that will ensure the future sustainability and viability of our community.





You may have heard of the Neighbourhood Plan. Backed by the Parish Council, it is the blueprint for the future development of our community.


The Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee; the group tasked with drawing up this vision of Husbands Bosworth and shepherding it into legislation, have been rubbing their crystal ball and looking into the future to see how our community is likely to look in 20 or so years time.


That Bosworth will grow is inevitable; location, we are told is everything and with Bosworth being so well located and served it’s obvious that developers are going to focus their attentions here. Where that growth is likely to manifest itself is reasonably predictable; the village could expand on all fronts - graphically illustrated, as we note here, when plotted onto a map.


That these sites have been identified in a desk-top survey certainly doesn’t mean that they will satisfy normal planning rules, or indeed any other constraints that would see them progress, but there’s no doubt that developers will be fishing for sites and spotting the same possibilities...


The Neighbourhood Plan gives us a chance to head off speculation and to say what we value. It lays down our aspirations and how we want our community to look. In the Vision Statement the Plan declares our intent to encourage development that protects the character, heritage, environmental and visual amenity. A Plan that encourages a natural mix of housing development, employment opportunities and social and leisure facilities that will ensure the future sustainability and viability of our community.


For more information about the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan for Husbands Bosworth please go to: www.husbandsbosworthpc.org.uk 

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