Husbands Bosworth TunnelThe earliest settlement in the Husbands Bosworth area is a New Stone Age encampment dating from around 3500BC.
The village was recorded in the Domesday book of 1086.
Since then the village has evolved into the thriving community we know today.

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The Leicestershire Minerals Plan, drawn up in 1996 by Leicestershire County Council calculated the minerals and aggregates requirement of the county of Leicestershire for the period to 2006. Husbands Bosworth quarry, at the time controlled by Redland Aggregates Limited was one of the sites identified locally as having the capacity to meet part of the requirement for minerals in south Leicestershire.

Historical relicts show that Husbands Bosworth was once a well connected village. The parish boasted two watermills to support the once thriving agricultural industry.

With archaeological appraisals becoming part of the planning requirements for most new developments, this page will become an evolving and permanent record of the archaeological investigations undertaken in Husbands Bosworth.